Okay, let’s play a game.

Close your eyes and imagine the first person come to your mind. Obviously except GOD, after all, he doesn’t fall into the category.

Who comes first? Your MOM, your DAD, or maybe your best friend or someone you love a lot. If yes, you are not different from a lot of the people I know. 

You know what, if you asked me the same question. Probably I would imagine some of the closed people I love or even some of the heroes or sheroes I admire. 

But things are a little different now. 

First-person I see, is myself. Maybe it can sound a little selfish to you, but it’s just a practice of Selffulness.  

 Over the years I have learned to add one prayer to the GOD. “I am Enough”. Only intention is to accept myself the way God created me. It’s important to surrender yourself to the ultimate father to achieve greatness in life.

That’s where the true adventure, real excitement, or the journey to create value, love for others begins. Being enough doesn’t mean to stop socializing others. Or being over-obsessed with yourself. 

But certainly,  it’s an art to be better Connector with people. Because you learn to love enough when you are your own best friend. 

Be your self, self love

Undoubtedly I love my best friend. I LOVE my family. I love my people. 

But I love myself too and I love my self first. One of the best quote I have read – 

“Talk to yourself like someone you love” 


Why are you worth it? 

Literally, do you think I can tell you your worth! I don’t think so…. 

It’s just a little reminder that I can give you. Life is what you make it.

 You are what you think about it. Many of us came across such lines a no. of times. 

But tell me the last time you literally applied to your life. 

Love Yourself

If you did I would definitely love to learn from you. Please comment below. 

If not probably we are on the same journey of growth. 

Don’t be skeptical about the feeling if you ever feel demoralized on yourself. But think like your the best person or your best friend who you seek advice to you in hard times. 

What would be your words? How will the conversation seem like? 

Does it click! 

The effect of 10 billion Seconds of you on your life

Please avoid my bad calculation if I underestimate or over-exaggerate the 10 billion. But what I want to ask for is you spent most of your time with yourself than any other. So how could you seek love, seek for preparation, seek another person? When everything is inside you. 

When you start to befriend yourself first, every other individual radiate love for you. Rather than hatred, jealousy, or any other bad feeling you better reap the seed of positivity, love, richness, and more. 

But everything starts with you. So be your best friend first! 

Do not lose your energy because of some outside factors. And yes, I being anonymous to you, writing this not because I am a pro on this. It’s just probably I am also on the same journey to be better each day and probably want you too.

Anyways, let me know your best friend’s moment with you. I would love to share on my social handle. Till then stay in trend and be yourself.   

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