The pandemic had changed a lot of our day outs, night out and also the way we love to have good fashion style in our Routine days.  

For now, we indulge more in working from home rather than anything else.  

More than any fashionable outfit women and even prefer to be more comfortable rather than any styling.  

Probably this is the right time when you invest in the right wardrobe, go with some trendy fashion in beauty makeovers, and set a trend you love and truly define yours.  

Neutrals colours have been running the trends, and though they show no signs of bowing, bold hues, namely neons, are entering the scene with a pop. Though black is always on the ruling part. Whether I am at home or going out. 

I true feel fashion can sometimes prove a mood booster for you,  probably it’s not the solution of your life’s biggest problem,  but certainly, the feeling of confidence this gives you is totally commendable.  

Witty White

If you are someone like me, who love to carry comfort as their style and being sober, nothing is better than white shades in the wardrobe. From shoulder panelled mini white dresses to the Poplin Maxi dresses you might try the whites in different styles. 

Sometimes a simple white tee does the magic.  

To give your dress some witty expression you can also try a wrap or slit white skirts paired with classy jewels. 

Hey, Brands if you are listening please send me this look I can’t wait to try one.  

Haahaa,  literally!

White dress, fashion style

Bootcut Denim, paired with some tews

Over the years boyfriend jeans have ruled the trends of Denim, With some change, almighty Bootcut Denims has rules the market and largely available in the stores.

I mostly feel lazy to get them too much make up done,  in daily routines but dressing up is something I enjoy. 

Although I am more fond of dress, if it comes to jeans,  skinny,  or boot cut denim are something I really enjoy. 

bootcut jeans

Also, this gives me a little vintage look. If you are blessed with good height this,  jeans are going to be a miracle for you.  

 The high waisted Bootcut style with some dark shades and high waist paired with the right shoes will give your classy looks.

 It has a major styling power and worth investing your money in.

Courtesy of crochet

With the increasing trend of sustainable fashion. Handwoven art pieces of crochet dresses, tops, bottoms, and that are so beautiful that it’s ruling the world. There is nothing more luxurious than appealing craftmanship. 

crochet dress

Also, the colour, texture and vibrancy are the beautiful part of crochet

What matters to you?

For me, fashion is always about being more comfortable & confident in your own style. For you, it might vary.

My motive to write this article is to let you feel alive again. Just dress up the best way you can, click it up. But do not let the boredom kill you. Dressing beautifully, even if it’s just to sit in your couch for your job or business, or even just to attend some zoom calls will make you less chaotic but make you feel better about yourself. 

And also do not forget to tell me your personal favourite outfit and fashion style that you love to wear at home or after home

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