Beauty Beyond the skin

Beauty Beyond the Skin

Often time we all Encounter with one question in life. “What does beauty mean to you? ” Though many people define it in thousand of Ways. 

Some say it’s your appearance which attracts the people.  For some, it ‘s inside a person, their nature towards people. 

One of the best Answer I ever came across with “Beauty is in the eyes of Beholder”. 

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True, for you beauty might seems a large philosophical concept. But for others, beauty is just outer looks. 

Last week I had a very deep conversation with my Friend on the same.  And when she defines Beauty in such a wonderful way, It touches my heart.  

She said – We often praise beautiful models, some plastic faces on the screen.  But we never dealt it eternally.  One might be attracted to them, infatuated to them. But the beauty lies in your true love. It’s in the kindness, intention, and action of a person.

Beauty Which Last Forever  

For many of you your mother,  your partner, or your sister might be the most beautiful person in the world.  The reason is simply that they truly care for you,  generous towards you. 

Someone told me ” A person who becomes  10 times more attractive. Not by their looks but by the act of kindness, honesty, the respect they show.  

Fair Complexion, perfect figure, almond eyes, mat look attractive, and get some attention. But your work,  your name,  your greatness lies far beyond that.  

Let’s try an experiment. Try to memorize a joyful or most amazing memory with your friend, family, or anyone. Do it anything to do with how beautiful that person was. Ummm!  

Maybe not.  It’s just how compassionate they were,  how kind and creative their actions were at that moment. 

Beauty is you when you start to accept your authentic being.  Don’t try to pretend someone else. Once you start liking your body,  your mental being, you definitely gonna make it.  

It’s the wisdom and time you given yourself to be more you.  Remember outer beauty may keep the power to please eyes but inside beauty can help your souls, can please your mind.  

So next time when you meet someone don’t be so quick to judge someone.  

And believe me, the beauty and nothing to do with your pace,  your richness. It’s there beyond your place, your circumstances.

“Flowers that are offered for the dead, do not know the difference of where their beauty will be placed, they do not say, “This is not a palace” or “This is not a garden”; they just are. They are just beautiful, without giving regards to whether they are placed on a grave or in a castle. Flowers are just beautiful, whether they grow by the wayside or in a manicured garden. If we were all like flowers, then we would all be beautiful, with no regard for why or how. We just are. We are just beautiful.” –  C Joybell C

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Who knows that’s weird face can change your life.  Forever.  Just be a god’s child a consider others your friend. 

So next time when you someone says you are not beautiful. Make sure to tell them Everything has beauty,  but not everyone sees it.  

They just sparkle and shine but not everyone sees it.  Beauty does shine in sparkle sun but when darkness is there it needs a light within to see the true beauty of a person. Let us know what does beauty mean to you in the comment section below.

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