Artist: Express More With Authenticity

“Every Child is an Artist the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”

This might be possible, many of you have seen the dream of becoming the singer, painter, dancer, actor or want to pursue art. 

I am just like YOU!

And often dreamt for the new world and bring the revolution. 

In the new episode of Trending Diary, The podcast with Kori Raishon, founder of Double EE Productions discuss the importance of authenticity in artist and freedom in artistic word. 

Behind the glittering world, the true value of an artist is just covered by huge Business of contracts and awards.  

Kori with a purpose to build a platform for an artist that won’t lease their art,  share some wonderful insights on why an artist should be true to his gift from god. 

Why expression is more important than just monetary benefits. 

And even the importance of love that will make your art more beautiful than ever.  

Freedom Of Art

Though you will even learn about Artistic freedom (or freedom of artistic expression) can be defined as “the freedom to imagine, create and distribute diverse cultural expressions 

Free of business contracts,  governmental censorship, political interference..” Generally, artistic freedom describes the extent of independence artists

Though the interesting conversation between How Proud and Kori end up with a light-hearted discussion on LOVE.  

The man said it so beautiful Love is the source all good.  

“It brings connection, good conversation,  divine energy and even brings a new soul  in the world”

So imagine a life with more love and art.  I guess we all would be in the joyful state than ever.  

And do not forget to bring the authenticity and expression in your life.  

Live your life more artistic than ever.  

If you have any thoughts or ideas to discuss.  Please comment below.  

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