Creative Enterpreneurship

An Ultimate Guide to Creative Entrepreneurship

Have you have felt a creativity block in the journey of your creative entrepreneurship or even felt what it takes to be the best in life?

And feel unanswered sometimes. 

If yes,  let’s dive into and learn from the expert Nova LORRAINE, a producer-writer and actor, the author of Unleash Your SuperNova.

Nova was named for the Top 50 in Fashion, Apparel and Beauty Award  

In the recent episode of Trending Diary, Nova share some great insights on what it takes to be a global icon where she shares some example like Priyanka Chopra, 

“she treats her career like religion and completely devoted it. “.

Also, Nova added one value that she received after interviewing the great stars is that all had a dream and choice and desire to complete this.  

Howevert When Opportunities meet Preparation. No one can stop you t be successful and lead a life that you desire. 

Unleash Your Creativity

On the Podcast, Even Nova Shares some great hacks which can keep you creative zone. And tap into the inner brilliance, no matter in which profession you are in. Some of them include

  1. Mediate 
  2. Go for a walk
  3. Dance 
  4. Listen to soothing music
  5. Have a day out to write or spend time with your family 

Its good to get indulge in work,  but also it’s important to have some moment for you and your mind which will add more effectiveness to your work.  

Though the conversation ended with some great discussion between host  Priya and Nova. 

Where Nova added the trend that she wants to see evolving in the new world, is people being more present.  

It’s NOW where the magic happens.  

Also, You should feel every moment, just forget the regrets of past and anxiety of the future.  

It’s NOW where the magic happens.  

If you have some thoughts on Creative Entrepreneurship or some extraordinary story to share, Comment Below! To listen to the complete conversation and get more insights from the lady. Tune in!  

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