We as human seek good health, money, a good lifestyle. And having a good relationship is one of aspect most humans crave for. 

No, doubt a good relationship demands a lot of investment of your time, energy, love, and money. 

But one thing which varies is your need or your purpose to be in a relationship. What are the appropriate reasons you want to be in for? Though it’s really important that you live a healthy relationship that will help you to grow in life, career, and love. Probably being a human, love is the basic necessity that we crave for. To love and be loved is something we want in our life.

But not every relation worth it, not everyone will stay with you forever, not every relation fits into your vision. There are no hard and fast rules of a healthy relation. But a few factors important in good and healthy relationship are- 

Love and Empathy

Without LOVE no relation can exist for long. Being in a relationship means you have to love your partners. You have to understand your partner. No matter what, love is the power and strength of your relations. So start practicing love for you and your loved ones. 

Again without empathy, a relation can’t be considered as healthy. Partners have to understand each other. Not only physically but emotionally too people have to connect to have a good and healthy relationship. If your relationship has both the factors. Nothing can stop your relation to be successful. You can even grow old together.

First Complete your Personal Needs

Many times we set a lot of expectations in a relationship. And start depending on our partner for little things. Dependency like-

  • Money Security
  • Life Purpose 
  • You Goals achievement
  • Your Happiness
  • Sexual Satisfaction

But this is not a sign of a good relationship. Whether it’s a relation of a parent, sibling, or couple. You have to go set yourself free from dependency. Once you understand this, you can better go to build your identity.

Because you spent most of the time with yourself, you can’t blame another person to spoon feed you. This can break your emotional wellbeing so badly. 

You have to learn selflessly to someone. Although that doesn’t mean that you will not support your people in ups and downs. It’s necessary. But every time you can’t expect to go be you a shoulder. Just go make some space of yourself in society, earn big name fame. It’s a cherry on the cake for a good relation. 

Love is not Selfish, and Selfish Can’t love. 

Communicate your feelings Openly

No good relation is successful without good communication. Learn to talk about your feelings, emotions. Share your thoughts on different topics like finance, love, spirituality, life, greatness, storytelling, actions which enables you to spend some quality time with your partner. When you start communicating well, you often start to open your heart.

To communicate you have don’t have to gossip for another person, just talk about life, stars, sex, money, love, world, travel, stories, or anything which is mutually appealing for you. And yes, transparency, feeling, passion, while you communicate with your partner. 

The different ways with which you can communicate with your partner is:-

  1. Communicate Visually by giving complete attention to your relationship. Show your heart and understand another person too. 
  2. Connect with the mind by listening carefully to your partner. Ask Questions and pay attention.
  3. Connect with your feelings and emotions. Have. a good sense if touch. 

Effective Communication is way beyond words. Any relation can be improved just with effective communication. 

Say no to Negative Feelings

In a relationship, your positive approach towards your conflict and disagreement matters a lot. You can’t sow seeds of negative emotions and reap some positive outcomes. 

Don’t set any negative feelings in your relationship for too long. The moment you realize it’s ruining your good relationship.

It’s better to forgive or resolve or just talk about it.

Go with Flow

No good relationship is successful if you force something on each other.  Just go with the flow of time, it’s good to surrender yourself with the situation. If your partner wants sometimes, give them time. If you want to conversate just speak. Just mutually respect the feeling of each other. And everything else is alright. 

Just keep the energy alive, be enthusiastic, and have good intentions for your love.

 Be a Catalyst for Growth.

The best thing in a relationship in a good relationship is that you support your partner in his/ her career. You never pull them back instead of pushing them towards the way to success. And with your success, you care for your partner’s growth as well. If your partner is good enough to teach you some worth lessons about life, business, art be grateful for it. 

Feel Comfortable and be Real

A sense of comfort is important around your relation so you can pour your heart in front of them. It’s not about feeling comfortable on the bed, for intimacy. But feeling secure when your person is around. Being the strength of each other. In good relations, the partner takes care that their partner is feeling comfortable when someone owns is around them.

You can’t be a pretend for so long. So if you are looking for a healthy relationship it imports at great you will be consistent with it. And don’t try to fake just be yourself, be real, and don’t fake. Your lies may save your relation for some moment but it can’t be a root of survival for so long. 


Hey just be don’t so so serious with your people, just have so space and be there for each other in need. Love, Trust, Care!  And yes if one person is humorous between you. The relation can crazy enough, to have memories, fun at every moment. And learn to forgive for each other mistakes. No one is perfect, so learn to accept. 

Everyone’s perception is different for a good relation and what they look into their partner. So what according to you is a good relationship? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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