5 Most Popular Facemask to keep you safe & stylish

Over the last months, Mask has become a major part of our life due to pandemic. They are not only just a necessity anymore, but certainly, become a fashion trend. And some masks become most popular facemask in fashion industry

Fashion brands are launching new styles, creating vaa variety of popular facemask each day. And even social media is full of #createyourownmaskcampaign 

Though it’s important for the protection of you and your family. 

From local to luxury sectors everyone is indulging in creating the designer masks. 

They are becoming a fashion essential more than any other thing. Though no one knows for how long this fashion trend is going to last. 

One more thing I realized, initially where these masks were just introduced for protection and even distributed for free. Over time brands have created profit out of it. 

There’s such high demand that some brands are still back-ordered, making face masks the only real fashion trend to emerge since COVID-19 became part of the world’s daily vernacular.

Though you can decline the benefits of N95 respirators or surgical masks outside of clinical settings because the current guidance for the public is to stick with cloth masks. And save N95 masks for the professionals who literally need them. 

Let us experiment with the fashion trends well. 

Even simple, stylish masks help you to prevent from spreading noxious droplets. Though among all I have chosen some of the most popular facemask. Let’s have a look and if you know some let me know in the comment section below. 

Misha Nonoo

Simply amazing. I really like the colour collection. 

The MN Mask 3 Pack includes 3 non-medical grade masks. Which are washable faces well, and colors include black, blue, and white.

comfortable facemask

The front is made of a cotton blend and the reverse is 100% cotton jersey, with an opening to insert a filter for additional protection.

Being of cotton fabric makes it even more appealing. 

And you what us the best part? 

 For each mask purchased, $3 is donated to the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Response. kudos! I love to shop for good reasons. 

Regina Oswald

This designer has gained all my heart. Super elegant, classic and yet you want to wear them again and again.

There are multi-layers of breathable soft silk charmeuse in a beautifully crafted reversible scarf. For me comfort is an important aspect of fashion, so whether it’s about to mask my dresses. The comfortable earloops for secured placement when using as a face covering. This accessory is perfect for giving you that extra style around your neck and can also be used as a face mask.

Though a few attributes make it different from others like:

  1. These masks are Hand wash cold with mild detergent.
  2. You can use them after Warm iron on silk setting if necessary. (If you like extra sophistication, jeez I don’t fall into the category)
most popular facemask

My list of most popular facemask is incomplete without them.

Spray Ground

If you love to experiment with colors, you are definitely gonna fall in love with the mask. What’s better than protection as well as fun. You are definitely going to love their collection. From red to blue, green to yellow. There are colors for every taste.  


Mark Zunino 

Mark Zunino, okay he deserves a special clap. Designer who has created looks for Britney Spears, Sofia Vergara and “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” cast members, recently started making fashion masks in various prints. Although quantities are in limit but you can be the lucky one to ga few. Also the designer, best known for making custom wedding gowns.

It’s like if you crav for a Sabyasachi lehnga at Indian wedding. You definitely want to wear Mark’s gown on church wedding.

Oh God Can I get one. Though I am not planning to marry yet , lol.

Photo by Mark Zunino on July 31, 2020.

Eileen Fisher

I am very much fond of the concept of organic fashion. Th Eileen has put smart efforts to create the mask of cotton, which are soft and made if breathable fabrics. 

With less chemical, the traceable cotton is perfect to create a mask for protection. This popularity can be a measure that sure is literally out of stock from the mask. Though they are one of the most popular face masks that I have found till yet. 

popular facemasks

I am still exploring some of the most popular facemask. Stat updated. Though let me which mask you are using. Or if you have created one let me know. Comment below. 

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