Fashion is no longer a statement of just-style and shimmery fabrics. But more like any product, it’s a solution to our problem. 

Jeans were a creative solution to miners’ needs for durable work-wear. 

Sportswear is adapted for the fast pace and comfortable lifestyle. 

In the new decade Coronavirus mask are no longer a boring green color fabric. But they have become a style statement and even an accessory which you can carry forever with you. 

The fashion world has quite changed due to coronavirus pandemic, somewhere we lose our ability to communicate through smiles and eyes become the only way to express our self visually. , So, in the new normal, we have to come up with alternative ways of making a first impression.

Fashion has always been a platform for self-expression to show our individual styles. 

Designer brands and companies too are creating unique patterns and prints on face masks and selling them with fancy schemes.

As face masks are quickly becoming a part of our daily routine, designers, brands, influencer have come up with some crazy ideas for this. Here are some creative corona virus mask to buy, that you never regeret

Voravaj Bangkok 

For me, creativity is the impirtantbasoiration of fashion. If creativity doesn’t prevail in your style. It’s not going to last forever. 

Here Voravaj has played very well in the mask game. And almost ruled. 

Corona virus mask to buy
Source : Voravaj Instagram

Embellished couture masks might not seem the most practical of options, but for up-and-coming label Voravaj Bangkok, “couture is life”. The designer has always been fascinated with the concept of mask, certainly, this is helpful to breathe well. 

 Designer Voravaj philosophy was the sighting of a woman wearing a beautiful dress with a medical mask that inspired him to think outside the box. 

Each couture mask features intricate crystal and bead embellishments that take between more than 3 to handcraft. 

Though masks were not created for commercial purposes.  Instead, he wants to create a fun and unique campaign that not only encourages people to self-protect with flair but also inspires others to turn their talents into creativity. 

But who knows that this will become the need of the time. 

Lirika Matoshi

I am a big fan of monochrome but no one can decline the magic of colors.

NYC-based designer Lirika Matoshi is crafting whimsical face masks that channel the effortless romance of her namesake brand. 

I am certainly In love with pop colors creativity well-molded strawberries.

Corona virus mask to buy
Source: Lirika Matoshi Instagram

Choose from masks adorned with beaded strawberries, embroidered daisies, or rainbow print.  The designer reported on her Instagram page that she had raised over $23 000 in just four hours.

Isn’t that crazy. I mean wow!


I know, I know just like any other girl Chanel is one of the top brands in your list. And the reason maybe it never disappoints its customers with expectations and trends. 

The Luxury fashion group, Chanel launched production of face masks to help bolster supplies in France, as the pandemic has swept across the country. 

And now the band is playing the bigger game,  reportedly manufacturing protective masks. Chanel Mask is just one my favorite, elegant yet classy, though I really want to check the authenticity.

House of Masaba

Coronavirus Mask
Source: House of Masaba Instagram

I like the way, the fashion brand has introduced pretty combos which goes with every style you own. Though if you are someone who loves to reuse the mask, wants to be sustainable. It’s perfect for you, and the cherry on the cake they are so affordable.  

Sophie Cochevelou,

I personally want to meet Anne Sophie Cochevelou and literally ask where she bought her immense creativity, a French costume and jewelry designer based in London has come up with appealing and grandiose face masks. 

From nasty title to peacock-themed mask, and some crazy limb style to numbers of dolls … It’s just amazing.

Creative Masks
Image Source: Sophie Cochevelou Instagrram
Image Source: Sophie Cochevelou Instagrram

let me know some more creative Corona Virus Mask to buy. Though I know some of them I am just gong to decorate in my house.

If you are someone who had use the creativity to create such beautiful mask. Comment below or share some pictures

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