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3 Success stories of Weight loss: Fit to Fam

Success Stories of weight loss are my favorite. I know shedding weight, getting in shape, and having healthy food are some of the goals we try to make every year and failed. We failed so bad, that instead of losing weight, we somehow gain a bit.
At least this happens to me! Jeez!

Though these quarantine days had it’s own effects too. 

I had always been the kind of person who tries to lose weight, but every time I drop in one way or another.

And always procrastinate when it comes to take action—one of the biggest mistakes I had done. 

even remember the days when I used to set the alarm for 5 AM and not not able to make to wake up even by 8.

Though things have changed immensely, and some success stories of weight loss have inspired me a lot. And look whats its done! Will reveal it the last.

Till then read some of the best stories of weight loss and their journies filled with too much learning   

Brianna bernard

Okay, if you ever think that you are scheduled with hundred things around you. And you are not able to get some time fo your health. You have to think twice and give yourself a better reason. 

You might get some inspiration from the journey of a single mom to impact much life in her body transformation journey. 

This lady has come a long way. 

One of her posts, which affected me,, was. 


Where she writes about her feelings in her body transformation journey, which I can relate so far, Because even I know what it feels like to be overweight, and then you also how to comprise for your favourite food which you like to eat by every now and then.

And if anyone of you ever tries there is too much solitary there, you feel depressed. Tolerate the constant pain that you gain.

Hell I had all those bad days too.

And even the worst feeling when you run into the clothing store and cloths doesn’t fit to your size. And then you are quite shy from the camera because you thing you will not fit into the picture.

Even the worse thing you are so much trapped by the circumstances that you forget to count yourself, You forget to take care of yourself.

But things changed, though the sudden power I got from the change this lady has adapt in her life..

Brianna writes

I ALSO KNOW what it feels like to set an actionable goal and implement healthy new habits.
I know what it feels like to eat clean and diligently log my food every day.
I even know what it feels like to spend hours in the kitchen, prepping my meals every week.
I know what it feels like to drink one gallon of water every day
I also know what it feels like to push my mind and body to their limits in the gym.
I know what it feels like to be STRONG in my mind and STRONG in my heart.
I also know what it feels like to take responsibility for my thoughts, actions, and beliefs.
I know what it feels like to take risks and overcome fears.
And now I know what it feels like to be UNSTOPPABLE.

Believe me, after reading this; I run straight into the exercise room. And from then to now, even I am unstoppable. 

Jeez! That’s a different thing I don’t get any six abs till now. 

Jens Journey

This lady has come a long from surviving tumor to creating a great body.  Everything is mesmerizing about her. And when I read about him,  it’s all amazing. 

The lady Writes in one of her Instagram posts.

“From trying to hide my body as much as possible in a bathing suit to rocking bikinis every chance I get! I was down 40 pounds in the left photo & felt SO GOOD….until the time came for a beach getaway with my husband & I needed a bathing suit.

I went through probably 20 & cried hysterically after looking through the photos of the ones I tried on. But now, looking back, I think I looked beautiful! I’m sad I couldn’t see that back then, but I’m grateful I can see it now. Feeling good on the inside led to me feeling good on the outside, which led to trying new things & finding myself again.

There is so much more to weight loss than just losing weight. It truly changed my life. Whatever your motivation is, work hard to get where you want to be. The things you’ll learn along the way & the mental changes that will naturally happen are incredible!” 

I mean,, you literally can’t reluct yourself after reading it. You have to buck up and hit really hard to lose weight. 

And that’s why the last story I am going to present is of myself only. So you should live what you preach!

Priya Sachdeva

My grandmother taught me not to give anyone advice until and unless you yourself applied to your life.
So here I am With my six-month journey of weight loss and continues.

I had a journey of body transformation from  80 kg to 65kg. 

Though I personally tried to adapt a sustainable weight loss. I didn’t hit any gym in my life. 

But yes, beyond that, I have a lot of changes in my life. 

From leaving fast food to adapting all healthy food. From waking up late to do yoga every morning or evening and from overcoming the anxiety to go for meditation each day. 

There are a lot of changes that had to occur in my life.

 It’s not just about shedding extra fat from your body, but a lot of lesson that I learn. It’s about being consistent, forcing myself for one extra move, and it given immense peace.

And still, I am trying to find myself with every change that I adapt to in my life. 

Though I was not suffering from any tumor or have such a big responsibility of being a mom, my biggest difficulty was trying to convince myself to move my ass to yoga mats. 

Like many of you! But I overcome it and feel damn blessed I have done. 

SO the best advice I can give you here if I can do it, believe me, anyone can. 

I mean, anyone!

Though People also have vastly different weight loss journeys, whether it’s by following a specific diet program or just by counting calories.

I know only inspiration won’t work for you on fat to git program. You have to take action but taking inspiration is the best way to feed yourself with the positivity an stop much Will power.

I am excited to know your Success stories of weight loss. Hit in the comment section below and inspire others. Let’s use your power to bring good to the world. And make the world an exciting and healthy place than even. 

This time we need it so much. And everything starts with you, only you. 

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