In India Ramayana and Gita are considered as one of the most influential holy books. Gita is a history of Indian Civilization itself. It’s not a religious book but gives you a practical guide to live your life. An epic conversation between Lord Krishna and Warrior Arjuna. Where Arjuna seeks the answer to his all question on the battlefield. Lord Krishna who is universe personified, rescues Arjuna from paralyzing doubt by giving him the essence of the Vedic thought. Our world is one of the infinite variety and change. Neither does life last nor death. We see the world as we are, we create meaning by giving shape to emptiness, and by creating boundaries to contain the infinite. It’s we create our friends and enemies, our right and wrong, lie and truth and let it define us. Let’s explore the three important life changing lessons from Gita.

Karma Yoga -The path of actions and acceptance. 

The summer and winter seasons come and go. Seasons change but we never stop perform our duties. We have to learn to tolerate our ups and downs. We have had several challenges in preset but we should never distract ourselves from the ultimate purpose of our life. The third law of motion states in modern physics- Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So none of your action goes waste, God will reward you for the goods. Not only our failures but even our success should never stop us from moving forward. 

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Bhakti Yoga -The path of Devotion and surrender

Bhakti Yoga is the ultimate path f Spirituality. Focused on devotion towards personal god. A practice enhance the mutual intense emotional attachment and love of a devotee. Here Word Yoga is well explained to terms of being disciplined. Yoga is not just lightening the incense and eating some organic food but it’s also about being disciplined in everything we set out to do. ‘It’s well written –

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“The Discipline man Attains perfect peace, the indiscipline man is in bondage.”

Gyana Yog- the path of Knowledge and Understanding. 

Your mind is your friend and enemy. When you deal with your mind and befriend it can create wonders but it’s not in your control it’s your enemy. Lord Krishna told a lot of self-mastery, and without it, we are also an enemy at the war.


The one thing in life which is constantly changing is self, our main essence. So, the answers don’t lie in the external world. They lie within us. One explores itself through meditation. 

Though there are many take ways from the Bhagavad Gita. Let’s us know what have you explored and some life changing lessons from Gita.

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