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Most demanding skills for the future year- 2025

On 5th June (Saturday), I attended a meeting with my School junior presently they are in 12th std or just enter their college life.

One of the students asked me about my learnings and what subjects I am studying in My Post Graduation. Another student asked me “as the scenario is changing day by day. Especially in the pandemic time, what skills are required to excel in life when we graduate means after 3 years. I wonder how today’s students are curious to upskill or reskill themselves.

So upcoming buddies gave me an idea to write an article and yes today I am going to share the topmost demanding skills in the future year 2025.

In the research published by the World Economic Forum, it is said that between 40-50% of the workforce is expected to go through some sort of reskilling or upskilling process within the next few years. Of course, they expect that the time needs to get that new skill or to improve the skill. We have to vary varies from up to 1 month to 6 months and it depends on the type of skill some are more time-consuming than others.

I divided the skills into 4 Categories.


#1 Problem-solving skills- 

We can find this skill by different names like Critical Thinking, Problem-solving. But essentially this boils down to 4 categories according to the World Economic Forum. According to them, problem-solving refers to

  • Analytical Skills and Innovation
  • Complex problem solving
  • Analytical thinking and Analysis
  • Creativity, originality, and initiative.

Analytical Skills and Innovation Complex problem solving & Analytical thinking. And Analysis are skills that are useful in a job market like- Business Development, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Big Data, etc.  Creativity, Originality, and Initiative are related to different focuses like Social media, content creation, etc.


#2. Self-Management- 

This World Economic Forum includes 2 different types of skills in one hand they talk about

  •  active learning and learning strategies
  • Resilience, Flexibility, and Stress Management.

Why active learning and stress management are so important, this is not useful in any particular job, this is for every job and at every profile because if we think about the pace of change and the no. of times that we will probably be required to reskill or upskill ourselves and learn new things and develop new capabilities in near future that is going to be so much than ever before.

Now is the time for the human to learn and unlearn and learn and unlearn and be able to adapt very quickly to the new requirement of the work and market place.  And it’s because technology is bringing these changes and we need to be able to adapt to the different requirement in the market. Resilience, Flexibility, and stress management, we all are wondering what does this have to do with the workforce.

I mean by this, it is again related to the pace of changes because of the no. of times that we will be required to continuously change. And adapt and be flexible will be so much higher than ever before that the only way to cope with that change. If we become flexible resilient to that change. And we learn to adapt to it and at that level of stress that comes as a package.


#3 Working with people

According to the work economic forum, this means

  • Leadership
  • Social Influence

Leadership means the power of empowering Leaders that can inspire or Influence.  And paint a vision that other people feel motivated to follow and achieve. And these types of leaders will be in high demand for every type of business. On the other hand, Social Influence means Someone’s ability to influence their virtual team in the direction that they should be taking.   I personally believe this one of the most demanding skills that will never be out of date.



 #4 Technology use and Development 

This skill is so broad and the need for digital and technological skills is probably one of the skills that are most discussed. And covered when it comes to the skill of the future and its because if we see market nowadays every company is becoming Tech company and has technology at the core of its business.  So for you being able to use that technology is going to be key moving forwarded but the World Economic forum makes a separation between

  • The ability to use Technology and Monitor & control.
  • The ability to Develop Technology.

So everything related to cloud computing and coding will go into tech design and programming. WEF estimated that if you want to take on a new skill related to technology so Cloud Computing, Engineering Programming could take you between 5-6 months but we can’t say that they are not the Key to the Future.

In this article, I took the help of a few professionals who are working in the Top Management of the different organizations they also shared few skills and a few of them are common like-

  1. Strong Communication

  2. Good Behaviour

  3. Strong Emotional Intelligence

  4. Resilience & grit and having a go-getter attitude

  5. Adaptability & Flexibility

  6. Ready to Learn to Un-Learn



Technology and every skill related to that is certainly going to be in very demand moving forward certainly. That one should consider if you develop your skills for the future.


Also, there is nothing more magical and powerful than regularly upgrading yourself. Comment below and write what do you think is one of the Most demanding skills for the future.



Name- Abhilasha Sharma

HR Student in New Delhi Institute of Management

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